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Twenty-eight page WGS Bulletin is published and mailed four times per year - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  The Society welcomes queries and articles to be placed in the WGS Bulletins at the Editor's discretion.
Or editor@wilkesgensoc.net

 New Items

The members of the Wilkes Genealogy Society and the Wilkes County Public Library pooled their resources and recently purchased a microfilm reader/copier. This new equipment is housed in the Genealogy Room of the Library and is available for use during regular operating hours of the Library. Each copy is 15 cents per sheet.

Individual obituaries from the Journal Patriot Newspaper for the following time periods:

Partial years for 1970 - 1973
Complete Listings for 1974 - 2001

Just send the complete name and year of death, along with $3.00 for each obituary desired to the WGS.

There are three major types of materials available through the Society - those that are on the web, those that the WGS sells and those that are contained in the Genealogy Section of the Wilkes County Library for the general public's use.

 Materials on the Web

Word Index for Early Bulletins

Before the Subject Index for the 1967 - 2000 Bulletins can be viewed, you must have the Adobe Reader on your computer.  To install the a free copy of the Adobe Reader, please go to: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html and follow directions for downloading. Then you may view the Subject Index for the 1967 - 2000 & 2001 - 2009 Bulletins.

Subject Index for 1967 - 2000 Bulletins

Subject Index for 2001 - 2009 Bulletins

 Materials to Purchase

For a list of the available materials to purchase and prices(WGS Publications), please click on the graphic below:

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   For a printable WGS Order Form, please click on the graphic below:

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 Materials in the Library

Presently there are numerous copies of genealogical materials contained in the Genealogy Holdings at the Wilkes Genealogical Society, and various items are continuously being added to the collection. There are sections of materials pertaining to:

  • Family Histories

  • Entrance into the United States

  • Military Records

  • General North Carolina and Individual Counties in North Carolina

  • General Virginia and Individual Counties in Virginia

  • Various other States

  • Genealogical Bulletins from various societies

  • Family History Files

  • Special Collection Files

  • Family Tree Program and CD Collection

  • Original Copies of Individuals' Wilkes County Land Grants

  • New Materials in Library